Friday, November 27, 2009

We named our son...

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. All in all, I can't recall a better one, but it started out not looking too good. Most people should know by now that I am a "DIYer". We decided to take down the fountain in front of our house for the winter. We usually leave it up all winter, then clean it up in the spring. Fountains are nice, they look good, and all that. We enjoy ours, however, it is constant maintenance to keep it looking good. In the summertime, I look at it and wonder - is it worth the hassle it takes to keep that thing looking nice. If it just sat there with no water running in it, most people probably would not even notice it. Being the purist that I am (such a burden), why install a fountain, and then not use it? So, I do my best to keep it running. Fact: Algae, scale, frogs, lizards, birds and leaves get way more use out of it than we do - I promise.

It went like this: I had just returned from Home Depot and was unloading the material to build a base cover for the main large lower bowl of the fountain that will remain outside in the ground. I saw my neighbor, Alan Talley, taking his dog for a potty trot. I had this thought to ask Alan to help me unload two sheets of treated plywood - I decided to pull a Kelli and did not bother him - all the while feeling like this was not a good idea. I hoisted the first 8' x 4' piece out of the truck. Just as I was about to set it down, the wind caught it, and it slammed down diagonally across my right foot. Ouch! It hurt, I limped, but I eventually finished my base which turned out much nicer than I thought. As suspected, I found out 5 hours later that I had broken the distal bones of the two piggies involved in that roast beef scandal.

So Thanksgiving Day ended up being pretty laid back with me being chauffeured by my wife, and not doing much. My tootsies look pretty bad though. We had planned to haul the Christmas decorations out of the basement, and get everything decorated. Obviously, that's not how it worked out, but we had a really nice relaxing day doing nothing.

We did manage to add another touch to the nursery, and name our son. We've decided on "Caleb Scott Brooks". After a recent Sunday school lesson, we both realized "Caleb" was on both our lists, but we had not talked about it. So, last night, we hung the glass floats you see in the window above, and then compared our baby names lists - striking out the final names and ultimately deciding on "Caleb".

Have a great holiday weekend! More nursery pic below...


  1. Love it, Love it! Love the name, love the nursery, and love you both! :-)

  2. I love all of it. I wasn't sure how you were going to pull it all together but it looks great. I love the pictures. I think this is the same crib set that Katie and JD used for Jaxen. Love the name Caleb, super cute! Hope he and Brooks are good buds.

  3. The pictures don't do it justice. The nursery is AMAZING! I loved seeing it today and I loved catching up with everyone even more. :)

  4. That has to be the cutest nursery, it is so clean looking, I love it all. Sorry about that little accident of yours, sounds alot like our life around here .lol. Hope the piggies are better now though. Love the name.

  5. I agree with Karen! The pictures just don't do the room justice. It is an incredible place for Aunt Gran to rock her precious nephew! I'm so touch that you guys put so much effort into creating this safe haven for Caleb and me to bond! I'm super excited about the shower Sunday! Huggs and kisses to my favorite sister and brother-in-law!