Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, Caleb!

I hope everyone has had as nice of a Valentine's Day as I have had. I can attest to the fact that I have never had one better than this one in 2010. As you know, Caleb is here, he's healthy and his Mother is healthy. He's exactly what I had hoped for, and once again, God has blessed me beyond measure. I try very hard to never ask God for something that I can do for myself or to ask Him for something in a vain or selfish manner. This included asking Him for a child. I had always prayed, "Lord you know my heart, and until I feel for certain that we are having difficulty conceiving, I won't ask You for a child". I meant that from my heart, God knew it, and I hope this will help someone with whatever they might be facing in life.

It began to look as though we might have difficulty, and, being a weak and ordinary man, I faltered. No matter how much Faith I had had at times before when I had prayed about this, I began to doubt that we would be able to have children. One day as I tried to pray, it came to me as though One in the room spoke right to me and said, "Just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean there is a problem".

A euphoric feeling came over me for just a moment, and then, I immediately felt condemnation as I remembered what I had told the Lord once before about not asking him until I knew for certain we had a problem. I repented right then for the doubt and impatience I had begun to feel. I had created a problem that didn't really even exist, and I had allowed it to trouble my mind and spirit.

I hope this will help someone who may be worrying about something. Why worry? It's not productive, and until you know for sure that something is wrong, just be patient and try your best to serve God anyway. I know it's easier said than done, but I know it works because I've tried it out several times.

Kelli, Caleb and I had a most enjoyable day today. We just stayed home. Daniel and Allie dropped by for a little while, and then we had lasagna, cake and opened our gifts to one another. I gave Kelli a card and told her no matter what gift she gave me, it could not be better than the perfect son she gave me 3 weeks ago!

Have a great week ahead and hope to see you soon!


  1. great post scott. glad caleb's 1st valentine's day was a good one :)

  2. He's a doll, glad you had a great Valentine's Day. There is nothing like the love for a child. Love you guys and glad you are doing well.

  3. Oh my - he is very very sweet : ) Aunt Lisa and Jessica both told me about their visits and what a little doll he that he is. Isn't having a healthy baby the biggest the blessing on Earth?

  4. Thanks for the post, Scott. I was just praying while driving home from BG, then I get home and see your post. God does work through people; your post was just what I needed to hear. I am starting to get discouraged about having children. This has meant a lot. Love you and Kelli! I am so happy that Caleb has become a part of your life! You are truly blessed!